That’s a weird way of defending yourself.

First, you use a diminishing language that so often we hear from sexist and ageist men, but okay. Way to go for feminism and sisterhood. You're also quite blatantly against toxic masculinity without in fact trying to understand its root causes and so doing a disservice to equality between genders.

Second, the fact that you write about sex and your own experiences, accounts exactly for just that. In which way are you supporting your statements apart from just your own preference and “talking to people”?

Third, nobody said someone's body parts are the most important thing about them but we are sensuous creatures and everything counts (and that also differs from person to person).

Lastly, you failed in defending your thesis simply avoiding discussing it and making assumptions about someone you don’t know and that’s pretty childish.

Let people enjoy their bodies without judging what they make of it (again, unless they’re hurting someone else).

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